elnoradawn's Journal

teach me your legs.

This is me.

I'm married to this wonderful dude.

I rarely update this anymore. Follow me on tumblr if you wish;
always sunny in philadelphia, americana, antiques, beards, black books, bookworms, boyd crowder, british television, brokeback mountain, campfire smell, carolina chocolate drops, christoph waltz, classic country, cormac mccarthy, crime scenes, daniel day-lewis, daniel johnston, documentaries, dolly parton, drakkar sauna, eat to live, flannery o'connor, flea markets, garage sales, gay rights, gram parsons, halloween, hank williams, harold and maude, hasil adkins, hating video games, helen and scott nearing, henry darger, hillbilly music, holy modal rounders, humanism, indian food, inglourious basterds, jack kerouac, james dean, john kennedy toole, john lennon, john waters, johnny cash, justified, karen carpenter, karl pilkington, kitchen sink dramas, klaus kinski, lana del rey, larry mcmurtry, laughing at juggalos, laurel and hardy, lemony snicket, leonard cohen, libraries, literacy, little house, living inside my head, loretta lynn, louvin brothers, mad men, margaret atwood, mary janes, medical curiosities, men's armpits, mental illness, method actors, michelle williams, monogamy, morrissey, munly, my husband, my so-called life, nancy spungen, naturally curly hair, neko case, nellie oleson, netflix, nick cave, nico, nina simone, nostalgia, notebooks, nutritarian, odetta, old people clothes, old things, old time music, omar little, oscar wilde, oswald maximum security penitentiary, patti smith, pedro almodovar, people watching, perversion, phil spector, physical deformities, pj harvey, post-mortem photography, quentin tarantino, rainer werner fassbinder, reading, reproductive rights, ricky gervais, rocky raccoon, sal mineo, sarcasm, seinfeld, serial killers, sharon jones, shirley jackson, sideshow freaks, sinners, skins, sons of anarchy, southern gothic, southern literature, spree killers, stephen king, sweaters, syd barrett, tamara de lempicka, tasteless jokes, the beatles, the coen brothers, the dirty three, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the munsters, the smell of bookstores, the wire, there will be blood, thrifting, tiny tim, townes van zandt, treme, truckstop honeymoon, true blood, true crime, twin peaks, vegan food, veronica mars, vic chesnutt, violence, vulgarity, wally lamb, wanda jackson, warren ellis, withnail and i